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Test Requirements

Required Tests and Passing Scores for Praxis I and II tests

Test Preparation

The Cunningham Memorial Library has several electronic resources and practice tests to assist with your Praxis preparation. Contact the library if you need assistance locating and applying these resources.

Praxis 1 Information

What is the Praxis 1?

All incoming Pre-Elementary and Special Education majors must take and pass the PRAXIS 1 before they can gain acceptance into the Becoming a Complete Professional (BCP) Program. This test encompasses material from high school and you are tested on three subjects; reading, writing, and mathematics.

Can I be exempt from taking PRAXIS 1?

Yes. If you have a combined SAT Verbal and Math score of 1100 or better OR an ACT Composite score of 24 or higher you are exempt from the PRAXIS 1. You can also be exempt from taking the PRAXIS 1 if you have a GRE score of 1100 or greater on the Verbal and Quantitative portions of the exam or if you have earned a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

What are the passing scores for PRAXIS 1?

In order to pass PRAXIS 1 you must have a score of 176 on Reading, 175 on Mathematics and a 172 on the Writing portion. You can also pass the PRAXIS if you have a total combined score of 527 on all three portions of the exam.

When should I take the PRAXIS 1?

Ideally students should plan to take the PRAXIS before they come to Indiana State. It is to your benefit to take the PRAXIS early while the information is still fresh in your mind. Remember, this test does not cover any college level information; you will only be tested on information learned in high school. If you have not yet taken the PRAXIS, we strongly encourage you to register for a test as soon as possible.

How do I take the PRAXIS 1 exam?

The PRAXIS is offered as a paper version, similar to the SAT/ACT, or you can take the exam on a computer at a designated testing center. Paper tests are administered at a designated testing center on a Saturday. In order to take the paper test you must complete registration about a month prior to taking the exam. The computer version of the test is offered continuously throughout the year. Registration for the exam, both paper and computer delivered, is done online at You can take the PRAXIS as many times as you would like, but there is a one month waiting period between exams.

How much is the PRAXIS 1?

Similar to the SAT/ACT you do have to pay to take the PRAXIS exam. You can take all three parts of the exam, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, for $135. You can opt to take two sections of the PRAXIS for $125, or just take one section for $85. There are fee waivers available for the exam through the ETS website. If you need a fee waiver we encourage you to apply for the fee waivers early, as there are only certain amounts allotted for each exam.

How do I get my scores?

How soon you receive your scores depends on which way you take the test. If you take the paper version of the exam you can expect to receive your scores about a month after you take the exam. If you take the computer delivered version you will receive your scores for the Reading and Mathematics portions instantly. You writing score will be available online for you to view about two weeks after you have taken the exam.

What if I don’t pass?

With the PRAXIS 1, it is possible for you to pass just one section of the test. You could take all three parts (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) and only pass the Reading portion. This would mean that you would need to retake the Writing and Mathematics parts of the exam. If you don’t pass any parts of the exam we will encourage you to take the exam again and then meet with your academic advisor to discuss the details of the test. Your advisor can offer suggestions about how to prep for the exam and different ways of taking it.

If you have taken the PRAXIS several times and still not passed the exam you cannot move along in the Elementary or Special Education major. It is a requirement that you pass the PRAXIS in order to be accepted into the program. We strongly encourage you to meet with your advisor to discuss other options.

How do I study for the PRAXIS 1?

You can access sample PRAXIS exams here . You can also purchases test preparation books from retailers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. There are lots of free test preparation websites out there on the internet; you do have to search for them. As an enrolled ISU student you will have access to the Cunningham Library’s databases with old PRAXIS exams. There are also resources that you will have access to when you take your ELED 101 and 200 courses, here at Indiana State.