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Important information regarding Praxis I:

Please note: effective September 2013, the state of Indiana has replaced Praxis I with the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA). Please review the CASA page for more information

The information provided here is for your reference, but be advised that the State will no longer accept Praxis I exams taken after August 31, 2013.


Praxis I Requirements - Basic Skills

To enroll in certain education courses and be admitted to the Becoming a Complete Professional program at Indiana State University, candidates must pass the Praxis I exams. You can find detailed information about how Praxis I requirements apply to Indiana State below. You should also visit the Praxis website for test information and details at:

Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests -- PPST (paper version) or CPPST, also called CBT, (Computer version) -- measure basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and are designed to be taken early in your college career. One of the admission requirements to the Becoming a Complete Professional (BCP) program (formerly Teacher Education Program or TEP) at Indiana State is successful completion of Praxis I testing. New students are encouraged to take Praxis I tests as soon as possible, preferably before mid-term of the first or second semester on campus.

Score Information

The following chart shows the required minimum scores for licensure in the state of Indiana, as well as meeting one of the requirements for admittance to BCP here at ISU. Admission into BCP is required for College of Education majors before enrolling in Block II and for Middle School/Junior High/High School or All Grade teaching majors before enrolling in CIMT 301/302 courses. If you do not pass, you only need to repeat the part(s) you did not pass. More information about all BCP requirements.

You must meet minimum scores in all three areas: reading, writing, and mathematics.


Test Code


Test Code

Required Minimum Score*

Possible Score Range
















*Students pursuing ELED, ECE, and SPED majors must take Praxis I and obtain minimum scores of 173 in reading, 169 in writing, and 173 in mathematics before enrolling in Block I or Cluster I courses. State level scores are required to continue into Block II and Cluster II coursework.  See your advisor for details.

Fee Information

The Educational Testing Service charges fees for all Praxis series examinations. A limited number of fee waivers are given by ETS. To request a fee waiver, fill out the appropriate materials found in the Praxis Bulletin.

Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)

Registration Fee: A one-time, non-refundable fee of $50.00 covers all paper-based tests taken in the same testing year.

Test Fee: $40.00 for each PPST subject test taken

Computer Based Testing (CPPST/CBT)

One Test (Subject): $80.00

Two Tests (Subjects): $120.00

Three Tests (Subjects): $160.00

Combined Test (All three subjects in one 4 1/2 hour testing session):$130.00

Registration Information

  • Registration is required to take the exams. Detailed information about the exams and registration can be found on the Praxis website at:, or you can find more limited information in the Praxis Series Information and Registration Bulletin (available in Education Student Services, University Hall Room 115; and University Testing Office, 231 Erickson Hall).

  • Special test conditions are available for students with disabilities (documentation is required). Visit the Praxis website, or see the Praxis Series Information and Registration Bulletin for more information.

  • Scores are to be submitted to Indiana State University. You must enter R1322 in the score recipient section of your registration materials.  If you take the test within the state of Indiana, scores will automatically be sent to the Indiana Division of Professional Standards. If you take it in another state, make sure to request a score report to go to the Indiana Division of Professional Standards by entering R7238 in the score recipient section of your registration materials.

To register for the PPST (paper version), fill out the registration form found in the middle of the Praxis Bulletin or on-line by going to the Praxis website at The registration form and required testing fee must be received by Educational Testing Service (ETS) by their deadline.

Preparation Information

There are numerous resources available to assist with preparation for the Praxis testing series. All of the following resources can be useful in your efforts:

VERY IMPORTANT: You must release your test scores to ISU

Be sure to Code #1322 on the section of the Registration Form for the agencies to receive score reports. If you do not release your scores to Indiana State University, we will not be able to provide you with a recommendation for a license. You then would be required to request Educational Testing Services (ETS) to send the scores to Indiana State University. ETS will charge a fee for this service.